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The drainage systems of homes and offices are subject to tremendous wear and tear. Even while corrosion and degeneration are not easily evident on the exterior of these underground pipelines, the wastewater that flows through them can cause significant harm.

Frequently, drain repairs are neglected until severe problems emerge, such as flooding or water collecting near the home or building’s foundation. Mr Splash Plumbing Canterbury Bankstown offers its customers a variety of plumbing services, including drain repair.

When it comes to giving value for money, our clients benefit enormously from the fact that we provide solutions that are affordable and adapted to their particular requirements. Look for experienced plumbers when hiring those to service your drains. They are proficient in the techniques required to address a variety of difficulties. In addition, they will utilise cutting-edge technology and keep up with industry advances.

Various Drainage Services
We are aware that clients want the convenience factor of accessing a variety of plumbing services under one roof. Here is an overview of our services:
Standard Drain Maintenance

This is a common procedure for repairing damaged or degraded drainage pipes. In this strategy:


  • The plumber must excavate a portion of the surrounding terrain in order to gain access to the faulty drainage line.
  • The personnel will conduct a comprehensive examination to establish the extent of the damage.
  • This pipe section will be fixed when needed.
  • There will be a disturbance of the ground.
  • This method of drain pipe access involves substantial removal of hardscaping. This invasive procedure is also time-consuming, which adds to its costly nature.
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Pipe Relining

This technique enables professionals to do more complex drain repairs. In Canterbury Banskstown, pipe relining is synonymous with trenchless drain repair, which obviate the need for extensive digging. Qualified experts follow the following procedures:


  • The pros will dig both sides of the pipeline.
  • They will examine the problem by placing a drain cameras into your drainage network to pinpoint the precise site of the damage.


  • All obstructions will be eliminated with cutting-edge technologies such as jets of water jets and root cutters.
  • Depending on the severity of the damage, pipe relining may be advised in some instances. This procedure involves inserting an epoxy sleeve into an existing pipe, inflating and securing it, and then extracting the sleeve. This epoxy sleeve maintains the drain’s free flow for decades so long as its placement is maintained.
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Stormwater Drainage Services

When dealing with a congested stormwater drainage system, it is clear that a challenging situation lies ahead. But this is not an isolated instance and many people face similar problems. A qualified plumber may, if necessary, undertake drainage excavation, unclog drainage channels, and repair defective plumbing.

The clogging of stormwater drains cannot be disregarded for several days or weeks. There is a substantial possibility of flooding and property damage. Your stormwater drainage will be clear of obstacles in no time, due to the skill of plumbers in Canterbury Bankstown.

Signs of Clogged Drain

To avoid costly troubles and hassles down the track, it is preferable to quickly check and prevent drain blockages. Lookout for the following clear signs:

  • Slow-moving water drainage
  • Foul smells in your indoor environment
  • Wet walls and flooring
  • Strange noises in pipes
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Working with a dependable plumbing company that offers skilled services for all of your sewer systems and drain plumbing requirements is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Drain repair is a tough task that should only be carried out by skilled experts with the correct equipment and methods to ensure success and safety.

Employing incompetent staff is a huge risk that might result in irreversible damage to the septic system and an expense that is far greater than if expert workers had been employed from the outset.

If you want details about our plumbing services, please write to Mr Splash Canterbury Bankstown through this Contact Us form. You can also call us at 02 9883 9593, and one of our team members will call you back soon to discuss your requirements.
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