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About us

Mr Splash Canterbury Bankstown will not astonish you with startling expenses towards the end of a job and ensure you are only charged for what has been finished. Competitive rates are a part of our company policy’s high priorities, we make every effort to minimize the costs for you while still offering a 5-star plumbing service quality.

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Worry no more!

Homeowners tend to have constant worries when it comes to calling for a plumber service because they are known for leaving the worksite dirty and in a condition of mess. Rest-assured, that will never be the case with Mr Splash Canterbury Bankstown!

Our team fully respect you as a client, so we will work in the most respectful way to your premises and tidy up everything once we finish our job–you may not even remember that we have been working after we let you know that everything is all done.

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The quickest there

In our day-to-day life, we make use of our plumbing system regularly, however, there will be times when you are faced with plumbing issues. Then, who will be the first one in mind to call when technical problems occur and you need quick, straightforward assistance? Well, in such cases, we are the one for you call!

Emergency services

We are more than ready and happy to be the specialist that you can count on for plumbing emergency in Sydney’s South. As you may know, plumbing emergencies are still causing tension and stress for many households today. The thing is most plumber services do not offer operational hours after work hours. And for this reason, we have included emergency services in our portfolio.

Fully trained team

It is best recommended to play it safe and contact our technicians from Mr Splash Canterbury Bankstown. Our craftsmen are trained professionals and exceptionally experienced in taking care of any electronic hardware. Our employees are confronted with problems on a daily basis in areas such as repairs and maintenance of plumbing fixtures, appliances and other plumbing-related work.

Expert solutions

You can have the confidence to be sure that your plumbing problem will meet with an expert solution from us. Please do not hesitate to ring us at any time of the day or night, we are always ready and look forward to assisting you for any of plumbing-related tasks you have for us.

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