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Repairing a cracked or broken pipe in your home used to be a complex and costly affair. Frequently, plumbers must, among other things, dig on your premises, pavement, or road. Mr Splash Plumbing Canterbury/Bankstown has invested a substantial amount of time and effort in developing a pipe relining technique that is less destructive and more durable.

This cutting-edge equipment allows us to repair subterranean pipes without disturbing the surrounding landscape, and it is manufactured by a business that shares our dedication to excellence and dependability.


What Is Pipe Relining?

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Cracked pipes are repaired with an epoxy lining to form new tubes within the existing pipe. Enhancing the drain’s tensile properties, the product’s flexibility allows it to be directed around many bends before it solidifies. As the lining offers a faultless, uninterrupted seal, it permanently improves the operation and flow of the drain.

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Expert pipe relining solutions Canterbury & Bankstown

Pipe relining for tree roots

While many plumbing companies now provide pipe relining services, the great majority lack the requisite knowledge to ensure that the job is done effectively. There are many references because of our expertise in relining pipelines and drains. For pipe and drainage system repairs, we recommend this incredibly long-lasting, one-of-a-kind lining material.

When it comes to value, quality, and affordability, no one beats us. Regardless of the project’s size or scope, our team is dedicated to providing our customers with long-term, customised solutions. To enquire about our services, please call our Canterbury & Bankstown plumbing company.

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Pipe relining for tree roots
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